Brunswick Music Festival

04 – 14 March ’22

Let Loose the Lagerphones! Percussion Workshop With Ben Smart and The Lost Clog

Let Loose the Lagerphones! promises an odyssey of percussive discovery, led by expert Ben Smart. Uncover the sonic and rhythmic possibilities of this humble bush-band instrument amidst Jazmina Cininas’ lagerphonic wonderland, The Sparrow Made Some Beer. Lithuanian folk ensemble The Lost Clog will be on hand to demonstrate the lagerphones in action and help Ben and the participants create a dynamic interpretation of an archaic Lithuanian folk song. Suitable for ages 8-18. (Parental supervision required for children under 12). Registrations are required.

    Set Times

  • 10:00am

    Let Loose the Lagerphones! Percussion Workshop

Download Program PDF
Download Program PDF