Multi Futurism

JAzmaris X Manal Younus, Hari Sivanesan, Amin Payne and Ra Ngatira. With DJ Paul Gorrie (free in the Festival Hub bar).

Multi Futurism melds masters of little heard, diverse music with established contemporary artists to spark unusual, inter-cultural collaborations and eclectic new music genres – aurally representing Melbourne’s textured cultural landscape. This intimate iteration of Multi Futurism will feature the hypnotic soundscapes of Hari Sivanansen, Amin Payne and Ra Ngatira and will premier a new collaboration between ethio-jazz stalwarts, The JAzmaris and freelance storyteller Manal Younus. Bringing together storytelling, hip hop, traditional jazz and Indian classical music, the evening will connect the audience with the known and educate in the not so familiar in something entirely new.

Presented with Multicultural Arts Victoria.

“ … with an aim to deconstruct stereotypes of what audiences may consider World Music …”
Joel Ma