Masta Ace


Having recently released his first solo album in over a decade, The Falling Season, Masta Ace is like a fine wine. He just keeps getting better with age. From his early days as a member of Marley Marl’s infamous Juice Crew, to his later years as part of the Hip Hop supergroup EMC, Ace has consistently made his mark in the Hip Hop underground. A true legend of the game he continues to prove his hard fought and won status as both a successful artist and member of Hip Hop Royalty who can still rock a room after three powerful decades.

With special guests to be announced.

“A 30-year tenure in any profession moulds an undoubted master of a craft. Now on his eleventh studio album The Falling Season, Masta Ace, the punchline standard bearer, dramatizes a prequel of the time period when he began his path to the adopted persona that made him a Hip Hop legend.”
Hip Hop DX