Jojo Abot


With Allysha Joy (solo) and Lady Banton (The Operatives).

Come vibe out to the sultry, vulnerable and empowering sounds of Jojo Abot. The Ghanaian singer-songwriter, also an artist of film/photography, literature and performance, is taking the world by storm with her Afro-hypno-sonic sounds, otherworldly perspectives and the raw emotion of her boundless work. Her art, a tool for discovery, exchange and evolution is an ongoing exploration of self. Her captivating commentary on identity appropriation versus appreciation, in the growing global conversation about shared spaces and identities, has the weighty impact of a velvet sledgehammer. Hypnotically infusing all she touches with love, she is poised to capture the ears and hearts of discerning listeners from Brunswick to beyond.

Get into a groove with the neo-soul sensations of Allysha Joy, who, through her gift of song and looseness of playing, brings exactly what her name suggests. Between acts Lady Banton will be spinning scorchers to delight and unite and is sure to set the night alight.

Photo credit: Justice Mukheli

“Uncompromisingly original, per usual, experimental singer/songwriter and performance artist Jojo Abot has just released an eclectic two-for-one visual from her newest EP, ‘NGIWUNKULUNKUL’—a collection of songs about black empowerment in spite of and in resistance to white supremacy and racial oppression.”