Grace Barbé (Album Launch)


Grace Barbé hails from the sunburnt Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles, where the pressure and heat of a history of slavery, pirates, coups d’etat and coconuts birthed Kreol’s unique rhythm, language and culture. From the cultural melange of the islands, Grace’s trio fuses tropical rhythms and dances of the slaves with psychedelic rock, afrobeat, reggae and pop. With Grace on bass, and younger sister Joelle on drums, they conjure musical magic. Guitarist Jamie Searle casts a spell adding another layer of Afro-guitar sorcery. Enticing audience to get up and shake their coconuts since 2009, Grace now launches her new album FANM : WOMAN.

With special guests to be announced.

"Picture-perfect funky soul played by world-class muso-cats"

Lyndon Blue of